Thursday, May 20, 2010

WBN Meeting at Dali's Glorious Magnolia Cafe

WBN Meeting Magnolia Cafe 18/5/2010

Attended: LC, JR, Anika, Dali, Rebecca, Femke, Ilse, Phillipa, Hanna, Heather, Natalie, Konni, Catherine, (13)


Huge thanks to the warm, hospitable Dali for hosting a wonderful group of ladies, in a very special setting, complete with perfect refreshments, and an amazing, unexpected 60 minute treatment Gift Voucher for the Magnolia Spa, given to each of the ladies present.

Thanks and apologies: Lynn, Sue (Crawshaws) Sue Holehouse

Round the table introductions

Lorraine Clark - Entrepreneur

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Anika Ningelgen– Do let Anika know if any friends or family want to stay at the IBIS as she will offer a good rate for accommodation.

Her e-mail tel. 083 5022250

Dalia Dillon – Beautiful new Coffee Shop has just opened next to Magnolia Spa. tel. 077 601133 or 081 981 4523

Natalie Bosse- A new service offering English lessons & etiquette for hospitality staff on Samui tel. 082 8033123

Konni- Offers an Exclusive Guide Service for Women & Couples. Unusually for Samui, this is NOT a sex related service, but a genuine service to show tourists Samui best kept secrets, such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Konnie Kuummel: tel 084 4417737

Ilse Dumont-
1- The Pier, Fisherman's Village, offers 20% discount for Samui residents.
Her e-mail - tel. 081 370 7716

2-The Scent Hotel, Big Buddha Beach, offers Tapas Promotion (10 different tapas, 1 carafe of home made Sangria) 1000 for 2 persons 11am to 6pm tel. 077 962 198

Phillipa Williams- Crawshaws Lawyer on Samui tel. 087 380 6096

Catherine Cornish- Auberge Resort Lamai. tel. 0819 786 245

Femke Bartelse- I.T related skills, including WWW shops, and computer networking.

Heather Fay- Teacher. TEFLWORLD Koh Samui. Special arrangements can be made to have Heather train her English teacher students in your workplace, this gives free English lessons back to your own staff tel.0800 380 176

Hanna Sem, on long visit to Samui, maybe about to create a business

Island Events/ Info:

May 31st to June 5th- Samui Regatta. Contact Lorraine Clark for more information about 2 Very Special Ladies Events. CONTACT - Mobile: (66) 089 047 6348 Office: (66) 77 24 7762

2nd October. Samui Adventure Race, swimming, cycling, running. Contact Aneka @ IBIS for more details

Ladies Night- Saboey Resort & Villas. Free drinks for ladies! Contact Ai Lian Chia 081 968 7595 for more details

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Next Meeting Thursday 18th May. Magnolia Cafe


Let's really go for it in 2010 & shout about what we do! Promote our businesses!

Come along to the Koh Samui WBN meeting: Tuesday 18th May @ Magnolia Cafe, 6pm to 7.30pm

Please confirm if you can come along

Click this link at the top of the message for a map.Dali is generously hosting us in her beautiful new cafe, next door to the Magnolia Spa.

* Please feel free to bring along a friend

* No fees

* Also any business cards & marketing material, so that we can encourage doing business amongst ourselves

* We will devote some time to any new project - or please let me know ahead of the meeting if you want 10 minutes or so within the agenda

Keep up to date by following the link to our mini website (blog) Click on the link below to follow us!

Women's business network
Koh Samui Women's Business Network

Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes

Jo Reynolds

087 385 1663