Sunday, August 30, 2009

Samui Mala Family Day 26th September- UPDATE

Samui Mala Family Day – Saturday September 26th 2009 - Bluewater School

The Rotary Club of Koh Samui and the Women’s Business Network are working with Samui Mala to hold a mammoth "SECOND HAND GOODS SALE”.

The Women's Business Network (WBN) is supporting Rotary's 2009 project which is to purchase a new respirator for Nathon Hospital. The hospital only has one respirator, which sadly is in permanent use by a young male patient. The cost of a new one is Bt. 1,000,000. WBN plans to hold a "SECOND HAND GOODS SALE" in conjunction with the Samui Mala Family Day.

The sale will be held at Bluewater School on Saturday, 26th September – 2.00pm to 6.30pm.

To help us make this event a success, please pass this message on to your friends, family, work colleagues and neighbors, the more people that know… the more money we can raise.

We will need plenty of second hand goods to sell on the day, to make a impressive dent in that 1,000,000 THB target.

Clothes, Books, Ornaments, Toys, Household items…in fact anything that is easy to transport, we can sell!

“Drop Off Points’, where you can leave your donations:

Absolute Sanctuary - Choeng Mon

Shambala - Bang Rak

Poppies _ Chaweng Beach Road

Adele - Lamai/ Namuang/ Nathon

The Pier – Fisherman’s Village - Please call 081 370 77 16

Jo - The south of the island! - Please call 087 385 1663

Lorraine - Maenam/ Bang Por/ Bophut and any the bits in the middle! - Please call 089 047 6348

The Samui Mala needs volunteers for all sort of activities on the day, please do let me know if you can help out, all offers of help will be gratefully received! If you can assist, please contact Lorraine on or call me on 089 047 6348.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Discounts at Beach Republic Koh Samui

We offer 15% discount off all Food, Beverage & Spa to your network members.

We can also offer 15% off our villa and apartment nightly rates for them or any of their friends or family that they book in.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Hand Goods Sale 26-9-09

The Women's Business Network (WBN) is supporting the Rotary Club's project which is to purchase a new respirator for Nathon Hospital. The hospital only has one respirator, which sadly is in permanent use by a young male patient. The cost of a new one is Bt. 1,000,000.

WBN plans to hold a "SECOND HAND GOODS SALE" in conjunction with the Mala Family Day.

The sale will be held at Bluewater School on Saturday, 26th September - time to be confirmed.
Can you help?

Collection points are needed for the second hand goods

Items required to sell

Can you volunteer a few hours of your time on the day?

If you can assist, please contact Lorraine on <> or 089 047 6348.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Discounts at Yoga Thailand Koh Samui

"We offer 10% discount on our wellness services to Samui residents.

This covers all our treatments and detox programs.

More details coming on by end of the August

Proof of residence like bank book, work permit, or non immigrant visa is fine"

Discounts at Seaview Paradise Villas Koh Samui

" I would be happy to give Samui Residents a 35% discount on any of our Villas on a last minute booking basis (booked two weeks or less before arrival date).

Here's the details for our Seaview Paradise Villas..* Samui Resident Discount...BOOKED TWO WEEKS OR LESS BEFORE ARRIVAL DATE.*^*

Contact...Gary Squires...Owner telephone...081-956-2184"

Discounts at The Pier Restaurant Koh Samui

"We offer 20% discount on food and beverage to all residents. open for lunch from 11AM and dinner and drinks till late"

Discounts at Impiana Samui Resort and Spa

"We are pleased to offer the following privileges at Impiana Samui Resort & Spa:

50% discount at the Swasana Spa on all treatments and massages(a la carte menu)

An all day, all night happy hours (Buy 1 get 1 free on all beers and cocktails) at Tamarind Restaurant, from 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Discounts are applicable to all"


Discounts at Auberge for Samui Residents

Catherine has 3 offers for us!

From 21st Sept she is offering a 20% discount card to Samui Residents for her two bars in Lamai, The Greenhouse Garden Bar and The One on the Corner Bar. If people would like a discount card then they can contact Catherine at this e-mail

Please check the website,, where information will be posted from 21st Sept onwards.

Catherine is also offering discount rates on Budget accommodation for anyone who may have relations/guests whom they are unable to accommodate in their own homes. This would be on an application basis only as it will depend on season etc.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Discounts for Residents Magnolia Spa's Amazing VIP Card

Please find attached a sample of our Local VIP card.

We are giving a special 15% discount + every 5 treatments 1 hour Oil / Thai / Foot massage free.

The card is fully transferable, that means that Residents can “loan” it to friends & visitors to collect stamps, the visitor will enjoy the discount and the resident can enjoy the FREE treatment.

Upon arriving the first time we will give a onetime special 25% and a present, for the local resident and will hand the card for future use.

All the above apply from today to Residents that hold VIP card already as well.

Note: upon finishing a card, a new one is given.

We believe in our local residents Samui friends, we love to see them enjoy our unique treatments.

Best Regards, Erez Erez Levanon
Magnolia Spa

Tour Operator & Travel Agency:
Global Look Ltd.
Mobile: +66-81-979-1964Fax: +66-77-425578

Friday, August 14, 2009

Discounts for Samui island residents

WBN is compiling a list of businesses that are offering discounts to Samui island residents.

Please let me know if you are running any such offer & I will c/c out to Women’s Business Network (WBN) mailing list

Plus will keep data updated on an ongoing basis

If you have such an offer & would like me to include it, please let me have full details of the discount plus a contact or a web link for your business

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any link to the WBN; it is just so amazing to have these offers available

Finally, i would really appreciate it if you would forward the message to any of your contacts who may want to participate?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Genevieve Bikini and Beachwear Special Announcement

Hi dear friends,

I just got back from Europe and brought new Bikini's&Beachwear which I would like to present to you.Also there will be lots of bargains in clothes & shoes.Patty will also join and present her beautiful leather goods,clothes ,handbags ,watches etc....There will be a variety in jewelry as well.

Please be welcome on Thursday 13,Friday 14,Saturday 15 august from 1 till 7 pm@ Plai Leam,for more information please contact 081 892 6104

Forward this to your friends and bring them along,Hope to see you one of these days,greetz,Geneviève

PS, If you cannot make it on one of these days,you can always call for an appointment

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to Samui Mala Festival 2009

Yes, Samui Global Mala has grown up, moved home and changed names.

Welcome to Samui Mala Festival 2009!

I’d like to quote Yann Arthus-Betrand talking about his latest film about the environment Home:

“It’s too late to be pessimistic. Far too late. We are all part of the solution”.

That’s the spirit of this year’s Samui Mala – let’s do what is possible instead of hiding behind our pessimism, our conspiracy theories or our despair. Let this festival be an expression of hope and optimism – it’s going to be a multi-day, multi-venue event with activities and events like Mala beads linking us together in our vision for a green and clean Samui.

The website is still growing but we have activities from September 19 to the final party on September 27. I’ve put in an update below as the site is slower than me… :) I’m very excited how things are panning out so far… the idea to move the mala to appropriate and diverse venues was inspired – the energy is really flowing.

So what’s in it for you?

You have to come and join us to find out:

‘Gorilla marketing’ work day: Thursday 13th August – yes this week!!!

The Samui Film festival this weekend (14-16 August) is supported by the Samui Mala and visa versa – so we are preparing some hand made brochures from recycled card to hand out. We need you to drop by June’s café at the Samui Town Centre any time from 10am to late to help paint the cards.

Plus it’s a nice place to hang out, catch up and have a great meal!

Please support the Samui Film Festival – there are three nights of great movies.

Film festival prize judge: If anyone thinks they are qualified to be a judge on the festival panel please contact me – you will have to see every film. :) The Samui Mala will award a prize (we will plant a tree for the winner).

If you’d like to be a volunteer for the mala and join in organizing or contributing to any of the events for the mala, please let me know so I can put you on the mailing list for a meeting next week.

See you Thursday?

Website development: We would love some help with the website – we want to make it more collaborative and interactive.

We’d like to make a website that lives beyond the event to support our supporters, and to reflect an alternate, fun Samui with interactive, interesting and up to date information.

Anybody out there want to work with us on this? Let me know and we can schedule a time.

Call me anytime: Shelley 0818921180

Summary of Mala events planned so far:

Pre-Mala events

August 14-16 the Samui Film Festival 2009 at Imperial Boat House will focus on environmental education in a fun atmosphere including food, music and community.

September 6-16: A 10 day permaculture course allows participants to collaborate, design and implement these ideas on a site that will be shared with the community during the Samui Mala week.

September 19
Racing for a greener Samui: Just before the Samui Mala, the island is hosting the Koh Samui Trophy, an adventure race including cycling, running, kayaking and swimming. The race while not under the auspices of the Samui Mala, fires the perfect starter’s pistol for a week of pursuing the healthy life, whether personal, or environmental. We will be promoting the Mala at the Ibis for the registration. See

The organizers have taken pity on Samui and will also put on a beach race of 3, 5 and 9 kilometres for us locals.

September 19 and 20
Racing to unwind: As an antidote to such extreme activity, and as part of the Mala celebrations, local independent and hotel Samui spas are offering an Xtreme Spa promotion weekend for visitors to Samui, for the spouses and friends of the adventure race attendees, and for any ‘survivors’ of the adventure race.

September 20

THA sport day: an inter-hotel sport day is being planned to compete, enjoy a relaxing picnic, raise funds and humiliate the bosses.

Monday, September 21
Yoga and peace day on the UN day of peace. Yoga Thailand ( will host the yoga program as a "Day of Peace Retreat". This will include guided ashtanga yoga, guided Pranayama basics plus a talk, as well as a discussion on fasting, healing & peace. The day will close with a sunset chant/ meditation on the beach at sunset. A donation for admission will go towards Yoga Thailand’s Centered Foundation charity project (renovating temples and schools in Samui).

Tuesday, Wednesday: We are still networking and inspiring others to take on these days:

There are discussions about a shopping/OTOP/Food walking street in the middle road of Nathon. We are hoping for a ‘green day’ – either a permaculture blitz or a gardening expo. Watch this space! Other ideas are films, garage sale to raise money and encourage ‘retail recycling’. So if you have a bright idea and want to ‘Carpe Diem’ – just be in touch :)

Thursday, September 24

GIDOA (Green Island Dive Operators Association) will host a “Blue Day” to focus on the beach and sea and environmental educational seminars at Kandaburi Resort & Spa. The association is especially preparing a Power Point presentation for educational use in the future which it will show for the first time on this day, and will offer Snorkel and Discover Scuba Lessons/Sessions for children.

Friday, September 25
Healing Forum at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa will focus on holistic approaches to health of body, mind, spirit and the environment. The day will be titled “Healing ourselves, healing our world. A conversation among friends”. The magnificent Yantra hall at this premier wellness retreat is a superb venue to explore Samui’s role as a healing island, and the relationship between personal and environmental health. Pioneers in the islands health and spiritual history will join and invite anyone interested in the healing arts to participate. The day will also include a taste of healthy foods and drinks from Kamalaya's award winning kitchen. A guided walk with the resort’s architect, an art exhibition for local artists and uplifting and enjoyable entertainment will be another attraction on the day.

Saturday, September 26
Green Kids Day at Blue Water School will focus on environmental education through fun. Children from all communities on the island will spend the day together enjoying activities, films, competitions, song and dance and a chance to become the stewards of the environment they will inherit.

Saturday, September 26
Samui Jazz goes Mala! The Samui Jazz is on the brink of agreeing to support the Samui Mala with co-promotion, and bring share some artists with us. Watch this space!

Sunday, September 27
Samui Mala celebration
Following the success of the last two years’ Samui Mala Celebration the closing party in the beautiful grounds of Tamarind Springs will be a fabulous opportunity to celebrate, wrap up and network. A great showcase of the world-class musical talent of Samui’s performers and a chance for everyone to party the night away.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Meeting Date

Diary date for you!

Date: Thursday 13th August

Time: 6pm to 7.30pm

Location:ibis hotel

* New ladies always welcome, with friends.

* Please bring any promo' literature that you have for your business

* It is always helpful to know if you can make it, please RSVP, thanks

* Pleased to confirm that the ibis hotel will be our permanent meeting location, there is a 200 Baht person charge to cover refreshments. The room is being very generously provided free of charge on an ongoing basis. Our huge thanks to our friends there who are so supportive of our network, Suleeporn Pinpet the Operations Manager, & Michelle Suwannasri the Sales Leader.