Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WBN Meeting IBIS 11/2/10

WBN Meeting IBIS 11/2/10

Attended: LC, Anika, Dany, Belinda, Lynn, Beate, Niki, Susanne, Talita, Sue, Dali. (11)


Thanks and apologies (JR on visa trip)

Round the table introductions

Belinda – Teaching English, has school in Maenam. Contact details: Belinda Craddock 084 851 6547 Email:

Beate – Working with clients going through surgery and dentist treatments in Bangkok/Samui and other areas

Niki – Has new product arriving on the island soon...A Pet Incinerator, a service to take the pain away off having to ‘dispose’ of deceased pets

Talita – Graphic designer/ Websites/ Blogs /SEO etc.
Also teaches Salsa at ‘The Salsa’ restaurant/ bar in Maenam (opp. Lomphraya ferry/ temple entrance) Monday nights: 7 – 8pm Ladies only then 8 – 9 pm Couples class. Saturday night Open Salsa class. Beginners class 9pm (free)
1st class 100 THB (Mondays) - 5 classes 1000 THB – Couples 1500 THB
Contact: Leeta: 083 633 0365 – Email:

Susanne – Learning to tango in Argentina!

Lynn – Updated us on Samui Rescue and the Marathon.

Volunteers needed for the marathon Sunday 28 February’s an early start from 0600 onwards! Lots of help needed for the water stations along the route.
Contact: 077 417 002 – email:

Dany – Hairdressing business – Home visits

Anika – Do let Anika know if any friends or family want to stay at the IBIS as she will offer a good rate for accommodation.

Sue – Possible discounts for WBN members at Crawshaws!

Dali – New Coffee shop has just opened next to Magnolia Spa. Has offered the coffee shop as next venue for WBN meeting.

Island Events/ Info

Palmistry and Life System – Dorra 084 462 2713 –

May Day Mega Second Hand Sale – 1st May 2010 14.00 – 17.00hrs Panyadee School. More details to follow.

SOS Book sale – Wednesday 17th February @ KC Resort

Samui Marathon – Sunday 28th February 12, 2010

Absolute Sanctuary - Afternoon tea every day throughout February 4 -6pm

Chinese New Year – 14th February Celebrations at Chinese temple/ on the beach in Maenam

Valentines day – Valentines Ball @ Baan Taling Ngam Resort

Chickynet –

Koh Phangan Film Festival – 12/14 February 12

Heather Small @ KC Resort 2nd March 2010

TOM JONES @ Bangkok Impact 21st March 2010 – Yay!


  1. Warning to all on Koh Samui, be wary of any business dealings with either Natalie Susan Bosse of Golden Gardenia Co Ltd or her husband Gavin Fred Bosse as they will defraud you if they are given a chance.
    Contact for more details.

  2. I was one of the victim of Gavin Fred Bosse. He is a professional con artist. He used to lived in Dubai and got arrested after running away from his debts and people he cheated on. He is now currently living with his new "wife" in Thailand, Koh Samui. Anyone who knows them, please report these people to the authority as they are dangerous.